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Frontiers of Fulfillment -
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FRONTIERS OF FULFILLMENT-Joyous Psychology Of Meaning And Belonging
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Our powerful interactive self-study e-book course, teaches you how to make life consistently fulfilling for yourself and those persons you love. In our approach to Logotherapy, you shall study crucial presentations and use revealing reality checks, self-focus exercises and powerful projects to consider serving society well, worshipping devoutly, relating warmly, persevering bravely, learning wisely and playing enthusiastically.

Your interactive study will lead to the spiritual virtues, positive attitudes, high expectations, mature beliefs and responsible choices that make life the best it can be. This program, when piloted some hundred times in business organizations, churches, career associations and universities, often received a standing ovation from the many participants. The authors won an incredible 3.68 evaluation with it on a one to four scale for years. If you or a loved one has career, relationship, emotional or spiritual challenges that leave you dissatisfied and feeling stuck in life, worried that life itself and other persons are passing you by, that your life is bereft of meaning, this can be the most valuable single experience of your life. It can and will assist anyone seeking consistent fulfillment in many special ways -- that is, helping the reader find satisfying sources of meaning in those places of the heart where he or she belongs.

This program was conceived when Jard was a psychology professor at Olivet college. He had the great Viktor Frankl flown from Vienna to the campus to lecture and counsel on his approach to psychotherapy and healing.Viktor had written several outstanding books, including MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING - the world renowned best seller and THE DOCTOR AND THE SOUL.

The Viennese psychiatrist and psychologist called his unique approach Logotherapy for existentially frustrated or spiritually bankrupt souls. Viktor who spent more than three years in Nazi Germany's brutal death camps, was transformed by his covenant relat

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