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The Liberated Soul -
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The Liberated Soul-Cosmic Psychology of Committed Spirituality
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This study course is intended to help you seek faith, hope and love with the creature-self who combines our earthy physical attributes and the spiritual aspects of life. BANISH MANY CRIPPLING PSYCHOSPIRITUAL ANXIETIES FROM LIFE; NEUTRALIZE THE POISONOUS GUILT THAT SIMMERS WITHIN THE MIND; COPE WITH THE HIDDEN RAGE THAT FILLS PRISONS AND HOSPITALS; ENRICH YOUR SOUL WITH SATISFACTION AND CONSISTENT JOY. If you or a loved one find it difficult to live a consistently satisfying life, often feeling defeated, depressed, frustrated or alienated from others because of life's pressures within the family, on the job or in the community, unable to live a consistently peaceful, love-filled life, my scholars' wisdom can be a literal lifesaver for you yourself and those you love. THE LIBERATED SOUL can be read individually or used in a group. It is a book and a seminar that contains the best psychospiritual help available in the world today. It comes from two centuries of research by a score or more of world class theologians, philosophers and psychotherapists of various persuasions. Each of these excellent scholars earned lasting respect with his or her methods of combining knowledge and wisdom, psychology and religion and the earthy elements of psychotherapy with the more spiritual aspects of worship. My weaving of their powerful contributions into a single approach goes far beyond theoretical concepts -- for after my own fifty years of research and work as a minister, professor, author and counselor, I get down into the mud and blood of human rage, frustration, anxiety, alienation and the mental illnesses that cripple so many souls. I discuss the key causes of spiritual disorders -- existential alienation and self-defeating ego defenses, neuroticism, nihilism and human rage -- that lurk hidden within every soul as a result of being a narcissistic species. In this program you shall study my brilliant scholars' concepts and recommendations through reading their presentat

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