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Does He Like Me Or What? 60 Surefire Signs That He... -
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An exhaustive guide to uncovering the signs that a man in interested.
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Is there a man in your life who you are interested in but you are not sure if he likes you too? Do you have two or more guys in your life and want to know who is more interested in you? Is there someone who you’ve been flirting with for a while but are not sure if he likes you as more than a friend? Do you want to know if his attraction for you is increasing or decreasing with time? Does he act hot and cold with you and want to know why? Then ‘Does He Like Me or What? 60 Surefire Signs That He’s Interested’ by Luanna Wallis is the book for you.‘Does He Like Me or What?’ is an exhaustive guide to uncovering the signals that a man in interested in a woman. Some of these signals include body language ‘tells’ including the direction in which his body is oriented (especially his feet), the alpha-male stance, eye contact, pupil dilation, smiling, teasing, joking, proximity, verbal communication, the signs of sexual attraction in a man and much, much more.Included in the book is a 60 question ‘keenness’ quiz to get an accurate indication of his interest across various interest indicators. The answers are scaled from when he is definitely not interested to being very keenly interested. You can take this test at different times to see if his interest is increasing or waning, and to see if he is acting hot and cold with you. You can also use it to compare guys to see which one likes you more.So if the question on your lips is ‘Is he attracted to me?’, ‘Does he like me?’, ‘Which guy likes me more?’, ‘Is he flirting with me?’, or ‘Is he blowing hot and cold’ then pick up a copy of the book today.

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Date: 07/10/2012
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Not sure if he is attracted to you? Which guy is more interested? Is he liking you more over time? Why is he acting hot and cold? An exhaustive guide to uncovering the signs that a man in interested.

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