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Faith's Dark Stranger -
[Homepage] - by: Amberley DLS - Download links

Can Faith find the nature of the beast who haunts her and find love.
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If overpasses could talk, how many stories could they tell? They stretch
majestic across the lonely night streets. During the daylight hours they see the
hustle and bustle of each days activities. At night, what do they see? I had
never thought about it. I slept all snug in my bed while they watch the dark
streets. They see all the nocturnal events. It was not in my imagination to
wonder. I never asked question like: Do they see the little spiders building
webs on their bracer sections? Do they happen to notice the field mice scurrying
up into the cubby holes where the grass meets the cement? Normal people, like
me, don't waste our time with trivialities such as these. We have our homey
little space that is our existence. Even in the poorest of neighborhoods, we
have refrigerators and stoves with which to cook our meals. We have beds, no
matter how lumpy, to curl up in. The walls that surround our domiciles may be
drafty, but, they keep us from assualts by wind or rain. Our eyes are closed in
slumber within the walls of our safe haven.
But what of the sight of an overpass? The structure never sleeps. Little could I
have realized then how deep a question to ask. I could have never imagined that
I would be witness and prisoner to but a few of the stories that an overpass can

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Date: 11/15/2004
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Faith must find the nature of the beast who haunts her. Can she figure it out and find a true love of her own to rescue her from its clutches?

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